[Contest] 2021 Illustration and Writing Contest!

  • 2021-09-17
  • Mary Wang
Illustration and Writing Contest - Now and Then
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A.  Qualifications: Undergraduate students at Asia University 
B.  Contest theme: Now and Then
C.  Important dates:
      -Call for works:
9/20 (Mon.)~11/26 (Fri.) 5 p.m.  
      -Result announcement: 12/13 (一)  
      -Award ceremony: 12/15 (三)

D.  Regulations:

1. The illustration should contain two pictures, one represents “now” and the other represents “the past” (at least 20 years ago, a date before 2001). Two pictures should relate to each other.
2. Based on the illustration, write a 100-120 words description to explain the pictures in English. 
3. Both the English description and the pictures must be original. (Pictures could be modified.) Two pictures have to be combined and presented in one A4 (29.7cm*21.0cm) size page; 100-120 words description has to be presented in another A4 page. Two pages have to be combined as a PDF or a JPG file.
4. For the required pictures, you may use either a) modified photo, b) craft art, or c) illustration, which should be taken or created by yourself. Words on pictures are not required.  
5. At the right bottom corner, please include the following words: “Illustration and Writing Contest- Now and Then
6. This is an individual contest; each student can submit only one work. 
7. The contest contains two groups: 1. International group (DFLL students, international students taking General English course, General English AU1&AU2 level students and EGSP – Advanced level students are included) and 2. Local group (General English AU3, AU4 and AU5 level students and EGSP – Intermediate level students). Students who got a TOEIC score over 600 should join International group.
8. General English and EGSP Instructors can recommend up to 5 students/ per class to register the contest.

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E.  On-line Registration, please follow the following steps:
Step 1. Go to the registration link, (Local Group) & (International Group) and fill in register information(including the declaration). *you need to log in with your google account
Step.2 Submit your completed illustration and description (as a file) to the link(filename: Student ID Number + Name).
* Illustration and Writing Contest (International Group) Registration Link:https://forms.gle/hkMNaNWZLijCCs736
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*Illustration and Writing Contest (Local Group) Registration Link: https://forms.gle/jvQTxtBxtcdHhy1r8
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F.    Notification:
1. Since this is an EFL contest and the focus is to motivate students who live in countries where English is a foreign language, if participants come from a country where one of the official languages is 2. English (or the participant has a passport from a country where English is an official language), that student cannot participate in the contest.
3. If there is any dispute regarding the regulations, the judges will have a meeting for resolution, and the decisions and revised regulations will be announced by the organizer online. 
4. If the judges find either the description or the photo/illustration is plagiarized, the work will be disqualified. 
5. If the organizer finds any winning work is plagiarized, participants’ award will be canceled and prizes will be recovered. 
6. If the judges find the content harms another’s reputation or contains any disturbing images (violence, nudity, or sexual content), the work will be disqualified.  
7. Contestant please be careful with the contest regulations. If the work does not follow the regulations, the work won’t be accepted to the final round.

G.    Criteria:

English composition ability (50%) Accuracy of English in description
Creativity (20%) Creativity shown in the illustration
Picture & Overall presentation (30%) Coordination and correlation between illustration and description; Picture’s quality

H.    Prizes: 
Each group will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize and 2 outstanding awards.
First prize: NT$ 1,000 & certificate. 
Second prize: NT$ 800 & certificate.
Third prize: NT$ 500 & certificate.
Outstanding award (2 people): NT$ 200 & certificate

Organizer: Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research, International College
Co-organizer: MOE Office of Higher Education Sprout Project