Yinghuei Chen
Name Yinghuei Chen
Job Title Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Dean of the Office of International Affairs, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Director of the Chinese Teaching Research and Development Center
Campus Extension 6290、6500
Year Paper Title
2020 Ilza Mayuni、Eva Leiliyanti、Noni Agustina、Vera Yulianti、陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*, School Literacy Movement and Its Implications towards Students’ Learning: A Comparative Case Study in Jakarta and Taiwan, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 2020
2019 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen), Is There a Feminist Text in Jane Eyre?--A Reappraisal, Journal of Literature and Art Studies, vol.9 no.1 pp.1450-1459, 2019
2017 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen), The Limitation and Development of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Social Vision, Journal of Literature and Art Studies, vol.7 no.5 pp.489-499, 2017
2015 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI)*、、、、, The Analytical Approach and Realism in George Eliot, 國立彰化師範大學文學院學報 no.11 pp.1-14, 2015
2012 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*, ESP DEVELOPMENT IN TAIWAN AN OVERVIEW, TESOL International Newsletter., 2012
2011 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*, 由「同理心的語言」談技職校院的「國際通識教育」, 通識在線, 2011
2011 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen), The institutional turn and the crisis of ESP pedagogy in Taiwan, Taiwan International ESP Journal, vol.3 no.1 pp.17-30, 2011
2010 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*, 共創技職通識教育願景, 通識在線, 2010
2009 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*, 由專業英語文教育及證照制度看「技職教育再造方案」─回應許士軍教授「傳統系所組織已不合時宜」, Career English, 2009
2008 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*, 全球化時代英語的未來, Career English, 2008
2008 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*、余淑芬, 〈以文體類型為本的教學暨專業英語文課程設計〉, Career English, 2008
2008 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)*、甯耀南, 各國語言政策與區域研究中心, Career English, 2008
Year Book Title
2022 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), SOAFAL Mala Vol-II, Humanities in the Age of the "New Normal" for A World in Flux, Siksha O Anusandhan, Jan. 2022
2011 Ready To Go (Starter), ynx Publishing Company, May. 2011
2011 Ready To Go( Book III), Lynx Publishing Company, Mar. 2011
2011 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), English for Hospitality & Tourism. Chief Editor & Author, Taipei: AMC Publishing Company, Jan. 2011
2009 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), 〈末世之城(導讀)〉。《末世之城》, 皇冠文化出版有限公司, Dec. 2009
2007 英國文學源流導覽, 英國文學源流導覽-第六章維多利亞時期, 書林出版有限公司, Jan. 2007
2006 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), 語言與文化, 重語輕文的英語教育─從技職體系「應外系」的文化文學課程談起, 文鶴出版有限公司, Jan. 2006
2006 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), 《在文學研究與文化研究之間-朱炎教授七秩壽慶論文集》-〈城鄉意識:威廉士早期文化理論的「感情結構」〉, 書林出版有限公司, Jan. 2006
2005 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), 《維多利亞文學風貌:小說、詩歌級散文作家群像》, 書林出版有限公司, Jun. 2005
Thomas Hardy:The Borderer
維多利亞文學風貌:小說、詩歌級散文作家群像, 書林出版有限公司
Ready To Go (Book I), Lynx Publishing Company
Ready To Go (Book II), Lynx Publishing Company
The Joy of Literature, Bookman Publishing Company
Presentation Skills & Language, Lynx Publishing Company
Date of Publication Paper Title
2019.11 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), Connecting Literature with Innovation and Leadership, a Journey of Exploration Starting with The Little Prince - The 3rd Asia Pacific Management Research Conference, Nov. 2019, Bali, Indonesia
2019.11 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), What Could We English Teachers Learn from Kazuo Ishiguro? , 2019 International Conference on Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences(IC-HEdS), Nov. 2019, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
2016.10 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), Internship as a Gateway to the World and the Industry , Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Indonesia, Oct. 2016, Bandung,Indonesia
2016.10 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), Repositioning English departments in Taiwan's higher education , 2016 International Connference and Workshop on English for Specific Purposes, Oct. 2016, Taiwan,Tainan,Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
2016.10 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), EMI and its discontents , 2016 EMI Practices in Higher Education Conference, Oct. 2016, Taiwan,Tainan,National Cheng Kung University
2014.03 Faculty Voices on Teaching through English as a Foreign Language , TESOL 2014 International Convention&English Language Expo, Mar. 2014, Portland,Oregon,USA
2013.03 An ESP Classroom with a Textbook , 2013 TESOL International Convention, Mar. 2013, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
2013.03 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), “ESP Pedagogy in Taiwan: Conflict, collaboration, and transformation” , English for Specific Purposes Interest Section Academic Session TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo, Mar. 2013, Dallas, USA
2013.03 Creating a Harmonious ESP Classroom with a Textbook , TESOL 2013 TESOL ESPIS - IATEFL ESP-SIG Intersection, Mar. 2013, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
2011.03 Critical Reevaluation of ESP Curricula and approaches in Asia , The 45th Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit, Mar. 2011, New Orleans, USA
2011.03 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI), The Institutional Turn and the Crisis of ESP Pedagogy in Taiwan. , 45th Annual Convention, Mar. 2011, New Orleans, USA
2010.01 Effective Practices in ESP Instruction: The Asian Context , The 44th Annual TESOL Convention and Exhibit, Jan. 2010, Boston, USA
2010.01 ESP: Course Design and Implication , 2010 International Conferece on Applied Linguistics, Jan. 2010, National Chiayi Univ. ,Taiwan
2009.01 Restructuring English Education for Technical & Vocational Colleges with Special Focus on ESP and the English Proficiency Certification , 2009 International Symposium on ESP and Its Teaching, Jan. 2009, Wuhan, China
2008.01 Primary Innovation In, Country Research: A Study of Mixed Classroom Ability and Remedial Teaching in Primary Schools in Taiwan - Primary Innovation Regional Seminar, Jan. 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
2005.01 ESP:A Survival Option for Applied English Programs in Taiwan , 輔英科技大學2005年醫護專業英文國際學術研討會, Jan. 2005, 高雄
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2005.01 The Use of English at Three Major Public Service Institutes in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan , The 10th English in South-east Asia Conference, Jan. 2005, 汶萊
2005.01 通識教育課程如何結合現代化產業經營 , 中臺科技大學全國技職校院通識教育課程發展會議暨觀摩會, Jan. 2005, 台中
2003.01 The “Unquiet Slumbers”: The Public and Private Past in The Remains of the Day , 中央研究院歐美研究所亞裔英美文學國際研討會, Jan. 2003, 台北
Project Title Participator Period
多元文化語境之英文學習革新課程計畫 (20150716153006) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI) 2015.08 ~ 2019.07
全英語授課特色通識課程計畫 (20150716152209) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI) 2014.08 ~ 2018.01
102年度地方機關公務人員短期密集英語訓練專案 (20191104163144) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI) 2013.03 ~ 2013.08
2012專業英語教學理論與實務研習營 (20191104164523) 陳英輝(CHEN YINGHUEI) 2012.06 ~ 2024.08
技專校院職場專業英語檢測題庫計畫 (20110504164910) 2010.05 ~ 2012.01
以通識教育為核心之全校課程革新計畫/三年期第三年 (20191104162757) 2009.08 ~ 2010.07
國際護理人才專業英語文培育計畫 (20110504164745) 2009.06 ~ 2009.12
從EGP到EIL-推動輔英科技大學英語文教學亮點計畫 (20110504165010) 2009.03 ~ 2009.12
推動環境、學生和教師三環扣的英語文教育 (FY96-RD-038) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、李貞瑩、張瓊文 2008.03 ~ 2009.01
Primary Innovation In-Country Research: A Study of Mixed Classroom Ability and Remedial Teaching in Elementary Schools in Taiwan (FY96-RD-021) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、張瓊文 2007.12 ~ 2008.03
2007亞洲城市文化藝術論壇 (FY96-RD-012) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、白佩蕾 2007.11 ~ 2008.01
English Next-Style Country Reports (FY96-RD-013) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、張瓊文 2007.10 ~ 2007.12
文學教學現況與趨勢之研究-以英國大學為例 (FY96-RD-022) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen) 2007.09 ~ 2007.11
融滲人文教育於醫護專業素養 (20110504172252) 2007.01 ~ 2009.12
文乎?語乎?母語乎?外語乎?-國內雙語教育現況與問題研究 (NSC95-2745-H-242-001-HPU) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、曹純瓊、吳柳嬌、楊璧琿、張鈺珮、張瓊文、李貞瑩 2006.08 ~ 2009.07
精進教師專業知能及強化學生英語文能力計畫 (UEC29) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、田靜誼、李貞瑩 2006.03 ~ 2007.01
應用人的健康概念營造一個健康的大學校園 (FY93-RD-009) 張一蕃、陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、楊建芳、張正賢 2005.08 ~ 2007.12
補助大學及技專校院辦理就業學程計畫:國際職場專業秘書學程 (FY94-RD-004) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen) 2005.07 ~ 2006.10
Primary Innovation- Teachers’ Hot Event: A Symposium on Mixed Classroom Ability & Remedial Teaching for Elementary School Teachers in Taiwan (FY96-RD-031) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)、張瓊文
科技大學護理相關科系英語教學與學生英語能力之研究 (FY94-RD-002) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)
專業英文網路學習教材建構計畫 (FY94-RD-001) 陳英輝(Yinghuei Chen)
Award Name Awarding Unit
國際「教育領袖獎」 亞洲經理人協會(Asia CMO)/世界教育聯盟(World Education Congress)
美國Fulbright 獎學金赴美攻讀博士學位 學術交流基金會 Foundation for Scholarly Exchange (Fulbright Taiwan)