[比赛公告] 2023英文海报设计比赛 征件至5/26(五)下午五时止



 参赛资格 Qualifications

Students enrolled in freshman EGP classes and sophomore in EGSP classes

 比赛主题 Contest Theme

雾峰最佳餐厅介绍Rate Your Restaurants - The Top Places to Eat in Wufeng

Design a poster on top 5 restaurants in Wufeng based on Asia University staff and students’ opinions.

 重要日程 Important Dates

 征稿日期Call for Works: 4/10 (一)~5/26 (五)下午五时
 公布结果Result Announcement: 6/12(一)
 颁奖典礼Award Ceremony: 6/14 (三)

 比赛规定 Regulations

  1. 调查亚大师生心目中雾峰最佳餐厅,并选出前五名。海报可任选一至五间前五名的餐厅介绍。
    Do a research on campus regarding top 5 restaurants in Wufeng District and create a poster for 1 to 5 restaurant(s) from the list (For example: any of the top 5, top 3 restaurants, or all 5 restaurants).
  2. 海报需搭配餐厅图片,图片可以(1)摄影*、(2)复合媒材、(3)绘图(手绘或电脑绘图)作品呈现。
    备注: 海报不能全使用照片呈现,须包含修图或绘图设计,以呈现创意
    You may include either a) photo*, b) craft art, or c) illustration (either a free-hand drawing or a computer graphic). 
    N.B., Participants can't use a photo at all unless it's hand-drawn in some way, by craft art, computer graphics.
  3. 国际组针对绘制海报撰写220-250字英文叙述,国内组150-180字。海报叙述需与创作图片绘制/拍摄的内容紧密相关。图片与叙述合并成一面A3(42.0cm*29.7cm)海报呈现
    Write a 220-250 words description (international group)/150-180 description (local group) to explain why this/these restaurant(s) is/are recommended in English. The description must closely relate to and respond to the illustration. Illustration and description must be presented on the same page, in A3 size (42.0cm*29.7cm).
  4. 图片与叙述需全为原创,勿使用非个人拍摄/创作之照片或素材,如使用开放创作素材请标注来来源。
    Both the English description and the photo/illustration applied in the poster must be original. (Photo could be modified.) and must not include photo or materials that created by others or from online resources. If the resources are free to use, please note the resources on the poster.
  5. 请于作品右下角务必注明「2023 Poster Design Contest」
    At the right bottom corner, please include the following words: “2023 English Poster Design Contest.”
  6. 个人或团体参赛;每队限2-7人参加。
    This is an individual or a group contest; each group contains 2-7 students. 

  7. 比赛分为国际组(含外文系、境外生及大一通识英文AU1、AU2学生与大二EGSP高级班,建议多益650分以上报名)与国内组(大一通识英文AU3-AU5、大二EGSP中级班学生)。
    The contest contains two groups: 1. International group (DFLL students, international students, General English AU1&AU2 level students and EGSP – Advanced level students are included) and 2. Local group (General English AU3, AU4 and AU5 level students and EGSP – Intermediate level students). Students who got a TOEIC score over 650 should join International group.
  8. 通识英文课程教师得推荐每班最多5名/组同学参赛。
    General English and EGSP Instructors can recommend up to 5 students/groups per class to register the contest.

 采网络报名,步骤如下 Online Registration, please follow the following steps

  1. 由语发中心网页或扫描以下QR Code至线上报名连结及填写参赛资料(需google帐户登入)。
    Go to the registration link and fill in an online registration (you need to log in with your google account).
  2. 于报名页面云端上传作品档案。
    Submit your completed poster to the link.
比赛报名连结 Registration Link: https://reurl.cc/KXV85M 

2023 Poster Design Contest_QR Code

  注意事项 Notification

  1. 本比赛为EFL比赛,如母语为英文之学生,则不符合参赛资格,无法参加比赛。
    Since this is an EFL contest and the focus is to motivate students who live in countries where English is a foreign language, if participants come from a country where one of the official languages is English (or the participant has a passport from a country where English is an official language), that student cannot participate in the contest.
  2. 参赛者于参加此竞赛同时,即同意接受上述各项规范,本活动办法若有未尽事宜,主办单位保有随时修改、变更之权利并公告于中心网站上。若遇争议,经本活动评审团会议决议,迳由主办单位公告实施。
    If there is any dispute regarding the regulations, the judges will have a meeting for resolution, and the decisions and revised regulations will be announced by the organizer online. 
  3. 如于审查期间,发现影片引用之图、音乐或内容有抄袭之嫌,即取消比赛资格。
    If the judges find any video content, including the English message, music and the photos/illustrations, is plagiarized, the work will be disqualified. 
  4. 若得奖者经主办单位发现影片引用之图、音乐或内容有抄袭之嫌,即取消得奖资格并收回奖金。
    If the organizer finds any winning work is plagiarized, participants’ award will be canceled and prizes will be recovered. 
  5. 如经审查发现内容涉及侵害他人名誉,或包含色情、暴力或有碍社会风气之图像或文字,主办单位有权终止该作品参赛权。
    If the judges find the content harms another’s reputation or contains any disturbing images (violence, nudity, or sexual content), the work will be disqualified.
  6. 请参赛者注意比赛规定,如在比赛期间缴交之作品不符规定,将无法进入评选。
    Contestant please carefully follow the contest regulations. If the work does not meet the regulations, the work won’t be accepted to the final round.

  评分标准 Criteria

项目Item  说明 
占比 Percentage
English composition ability  
Accuracy of English in description
Creativity shown in the illustration and description
Overall presentation
Coordination between description and photo/illustration; the completeness of design description

 奖励办法 Prizes

Each Group will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize and 6 outstanding awards:

第一名: 1,200元奖金,奖状乙只。First prize: NT$ 1,200 & certificate.
第二名: 1,000元奖金,奖状乙只。Second prize: NT$ 1,000 & certificate.
第三名: 800元奖金,奖状乙只。Third prize: NT$ 800 & certificate.
佳作(六名): 300元奖金,奖状乙只。Outstanding awards (6 people): NT$300 & certificate.

If there are questions, ask CDLTR staff at M201 in person.

主办单位: 语文教学研究发展中心
Organizer: Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research 
协办单位: 教育部深耕计画办公室
Co-organizer: MOE Office of Higher Education Sprout Project