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  • 2021-09-17
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PBL Outcome Exhibition

110學年度第1學期    PBL成果展現:英語簡報比賽

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日期/Date: Wed., Dec.8th, 2021

時間/Time: 13:00~16:30


國際組International group- A115(待定TBD)、國內組Local group- A116(待定TBD)


Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning 線上教學的利與弊

Schools worldwide conducted online teaching in 2020 during the lockdown. Although only a few schools in Taiwan applied online teaching in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools rapidly adopted online teaching after the Mistry of Education declared the emergency announcement in May, 2021. As university students, you might have participated in online learning in high schools or in your freshman year. You may start with your reflection on your own experience.

Your presentation could be organized from several perspectives, for example,

1. What have you experienced in online learning?    

2. How have your learning behaviors, time management, or communication with peers changed online?

3. How would you perceive these changes?




Please submit 10-12 PowerPoint slides to registration link by Fri., Nov. 19th.



The judges will do a first round evaluation by examining the PowerPoint slides. Students with better performance will be selected for the final round.


報名網址/Sign-up Link: https://forms.gle/NVXHsQpp8YnCJcGm7

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分兩組評選 Each Group will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize and 2 Outstanding Awards.

第一名: 獎金5,000元,各參賽者獎狀乙只。

First prize: NT$ 5,000 & certificates.


Second prize: NT$ 3,000 & certificates.


Third prize: NT$ 1,000 & certificates.


Outstanding Award: NT$500 & certificates


報名辦法 Registration: 

比賽分為國際組 (含修習通識英文境外生及大一共通英語文AU1、AU2學生與大二共通專業英語文高級班,建議多益600分以上報名)與國內組 (大一共通英語文AU3-AU5、大二共通專業英語文中級班學生),請依照各組成員中英語文程度最高者填寫,若填寫不實將依棄權辦理。

​The contest contains 1. International group (foreign students who take General English courses, Freshman AU1&2, Sophomore EGSP-Advanced level are included) and 2. Local group (General English AU3, AU4 and AU5 students and Sophomore EGSP intermediate level students are included). Students who have a TOEIC score over 600 should join international group.


欲報名參加請於11/19 (五)下午5點之前上傳比賽的PPT簡報檔。

Please submit the PowerPoint slides file to registration link by Fri., Nov. 19th, 5pm  to sign up.


初賽通過者將於11/29 (一)公告於語發中心網站。

Entry list for the final round will be announced on CDLTR website on Mon., Nov. 29th.


決賽日期為12/8 (),將分組上台進行口頭簡報,須抽換簡報PPT的組別,請於12/7() 12:00以前抽換。

Final round is on Wed., Dec. 8th. Each group should do an oral presentation on stage. If participants want to update the PowerPoint slides, please submit the new PowerPoint slides to CDLTR before Tue., Dec. 7th, 12:00 pm.


Since this is an EFL contest and the focus is to motivate students who live in countries where English is a foreign language, if participants come from a country where one of the official languages is English (or the participant has a passport from a country where English is an official language), that student cannot participate in the contest.


比賽方式/ Scope:


Each team will give a presentation at the scheduled time and each presentation should last 6 to 8 minutes. Points will be deducted if the presentation does not reach/end within the time limit. The bell will ring once when the presentation reaches the 5 and an half minute mark, twice at the 7th minute mark, and three times at the 8th minute. After the 8th minute mark, the host will end the presentation and ask presenters to leave the stage.


This is a team contest. Students must form a team of 2 to 7 members. Not all team members are required to present on stage.


It is required to use the PowerPoint to facilitate the presentation. Slides must be created by participants, ideally their original work; please list the references for photos and information shown in slides to avoid copyright infringement. We encourage participants to glance at notes occasionally instead of reading content in slides.

評分方式/ Judging Criteria:


初賽First Round:

簡報內容PTT’s Content


英文使用正確度Language Accuracy


設計與創意 Design & Creativity



決賽Final Round

簡報內容 PTT’s Content


英語發音與流暢度English Pronunciation and Fluency







Organizer: Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research


Co-organizers: Department of Foreign Languages and Literature、MOE Sprout Project