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About Us


The Center for the Development of Language Teaching and Research (CDLTR) was established to promote the University’s education mission, making Asia University (AU ) an internationally acclaimed institution not only in Taiwan, but in Asia and the world over. Founded on 1st August 2012, the Center has launched a massive reform project in English language teaching and now offers a wide range of English courses, general English and English for specific purposes, including language proficiency test preparation courses and Intensive English Programs (IEP).
The Center boasts for its full-time quality language teachers, including 5 internationals from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, whose diversified geographic and cultural backgrounds help establish a multicultural learning environment for our students. The Center is also dedicated to creating a friendly language learning environment outside of classrooms by offering 24/7 online learning resources.


Our vision is to help students explore the world to become talented and competent members of our global society.


Our mission is to enhance both teaching and learning through situated, digitalized and differentiated methods, based on students’ diverse capabilities.


The Center goal is to nurture the students’ ability to learn, to express themselves in English, and to communicate cross-culturally, enabling students to obtain an English proficiency certificate with which they can enhance competitiveness in the job market and to boost international mobility.

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