[Course] English Oral Training Program for Staff Opens for Signing-up Now

Signing up for English Oral Training Program for Staff


CDLTR offers a small, customized English Oral Training Program for AU staff which opens for sign-up now! The program aims at developing participants’ communicative ability with international students and enhancing international mobility. The class is led by domestic/foreign instructor(s) and provides situated practice for campus communication. 

The class starts for signing-up now! The places are limited to 20 participants and first come first served.

 報名日期 Dates for signing up: 
即日起 ~ 7月7日(五)17:00止 Now ~ Jul. 7th (Fri.), 17:00.

 報名地點 Office: 
M201國際語文走廊 Language Corridor 

 上課日程 Class starting and ending dates: 
7月10日(一)~9月28日(四),共12週 Jul. 10th (Mon.)~Sep. 28th (Thu.), 12 weeks. 

 上課時間 Meeting days and time:
每週二 Tue. 17:30~19:00 / 每週四 Thu. 17:30~19:00

 上課地點 Classroom:

For more details please contact CDLTR at M201.